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Four Tips to My Younger Self. Sincerely, Senior Year Me.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As I sat down to begin spring semester classes, the realization that I have three months left of college hit me in the face – hard. What followed was a deep dive into the last few years of memories, and a whole lot of reflection.

College years are full of transitions and growth, and I can confidently promise you that the person you enter college as will be significantly different than the person you are when you graduate – and that’s the point! Whether you’re a freshman or a second-semester senior, like me, I hope these tips provide some inspiration as you navigate these amazing college years.

1. Stay True to Who You Are.

I cannot emphasize enough, do not lose sight of who you are during your college years. Yes, do grow and develop as an individual, but don’t get swayed into becoming insecure or doubting your worth. My best tip for avoiding this is to establish your core traits, the things you love about yourself, and what makes you proud to be you! With your core traits firmly solidified, you’ll be more likely to find people who support those traits and activities and opportunities that complement them.

2. Keep a Journal.

I started journaling my sophomore year, using it to organize the thoughts living in my head during busy days. If you are like me, and you are working on managing your anxiety and depression, journaling can be very helpful and is definitely worth a try. Aside from helping regulate your mental wellbeing, journaling is a perfect way to establish a daily routine and subconsciously track your personal growth and experiences. Think of journaling as taking a Snapchat, saving it, and looking back at it through your Snapchat Memories…just through writing! I’ve found that establishing a routine of journaling has helped me subconsciously reflect on my day, week, month, and year and I’m thankful I have those written memories.

3. Plan for Your Future but Don’t Wish Away the Present.

Planning for your future in college is very important, but make sure you aren’t so set on planning for the future that you miss the amazing things happening in the present. Draw the distinction between planning and obsessing over your future – this should help you find the balance between the future and the present. College is about trying new things and utilizing those opportunities to plan your future. Whether it’s applying for an internship or signing up for a club, make sure you are enjoying what you are doing at that moment. If there is one thing COVID-19 taught us, it’s that planning for the future can be completely changed by influences that are out of our control. By focusing on your present moment and working hard, decisions are in your hands.

4. Smile and Laugh Often.

Cheesy. Yes, I know. But I’m serious about this tip. College years are the special time between childhood and adulthood, and they should be full of growth, happiness, smiles, and laughter. The beauty of smiling and laughing is they create a chain reaction on those around you, and they will definitely make your college years amazing times to look back on. I understand being happy can sometimes be easier said than done, but you are responsible for your own happiness, so if it’s lacking, it’s time for you to make a change. College is way too short to be compromising your happiness. Choose to see your cup as half-full and find positivity in your experiences, and I can definitely tell you you’ll look back as a senior and be happy that you did.



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